Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ahh! I've Taught Her Well!!

So, my best friend told me a story she heard about my daughter, Arianna.

Apparently, my friend's dad was talking to my mom, and she told him the following story:
My mom was in the kitchen making lunch for my dad. Arianna walked in, and said, VERY forcefully, "How come you're always making grandpa's lunch? How come he can't make his OWN lunch??"

To which my mom responded "Well, Arianna, I LIKE to cook for your grandpa. It's just something I've always done. There's nothing wrong w/ it, I just like it."

So, Arianna said "okay...", somewhat doubtfully, then walked off and sat down to think about it for a while.

Then, awhile later, she came back and said to my mom (with appropriate venom in her voice):
"Yes........BUT.........YOU do all the cooking, and then grandpa turns around and thanks 'HIM'!!" (God)

Did I mention she's only 6?