Thursday, October 27, 2005

Customer Service Abounds

*disclaimer- Stacey, if you were going to blog about this.....well.....sue me. heh.)

Anyhow, the other day, after seeing "Elizabethtown" (which i liked, and stacey didn't...we never really have the same taste in anything. Well, except sci fi/fantasy stuff....and spike...Definately Spike...) we went to go have desert.

I suggested (bad me) that we go to "Ruby Tuesdays", which is like a "TGI Fridays" only w/ better food. So, anyhow...we get this waitress. Perky little blonde thing. Then, i notice ALL the waitresses are perky little blonde things. Now, I guess I'm racist against perky little blondes, because, honestly, they all look alike to me! But, I notice that OUR perky little blonde is wearing a shirt that says "Linfield Girls ROCK!" (riiiiiiight). So, okay, i can track her actions, now.
So, eventually, she comes to take our order, and i order soda, and stacey orders coffee. We get the drinks and our appetizer, and EVENTUALLY, hours (well, maybe not that long) later, she comes to ask us if we want refills. We say yes, and she bounces perkily off. Then she comes back and says to Stacey (no joke!):

"I can't find the coffee. Do you really want a refill? Because, i'll have to brew another pot"'


Stacey looks at her oddly, and says yes, she'd really like another cup. To which Ms. Linfield Rocks! says:

"Are you SURE? I mean, REALLY SURE?? Because, I'd have to make another pot....."
Stacey just looks at her. So, she says that fine, she'll go make another pot. Of course, all of this is said all perky and HAPPY! (riiiiiiight).

Then, about 4 minutes later, she comes back w/ a carafe. She says "well, i think i found about a cup of coffee in the back" and pours what looks to be about Two Tablespoons of coffee into Stacey's cup. Stacey just looks at her. The girl then says "oooh, i thought there was MORE than THAT in there. Are you SURE you want another cup? Because, I'd have to go brew another pot...."

At this point, i can tell Stacey has about had it. She told the waitress to forget it, and just bring the check.

So, she brings the check, and Stacey says "is the cup of coffee still on the check?"

Waitress girl says "Oh is it?"

We say "Yes, it's still there"

and waitress girl says...

"OK!" and leaves. LEAVES!! WTF??? Flashing neon sign for you to take cup of coffee off bill, you moronic perky "Linfield Rocks!" girl!!

So, needless to say, she doesn't get a tip. I'm sure she's probably wondering why we didn't give her one, too...

ahhhh, nothing like customer service.....

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sunday, October 16, 2005

So, I'm Raising An Axe Murderer

So, i bought Arianna a doll that is like a combo of a troll doll and a bratz doll (it's feet come off, instead of shoes, like the bratz)'s kinda frightening, but it was on sale. so what the hell....

I also got her a toy microwave.

So, we have the following conversation (What is going ON tonight, anyhow??)

Me: "Hey, pick up your doll stuff and take it to your room....Why'd you take her feet off, anyhow?"

Ari: "She's sleeping. She doesn't need her shoes to sleep"

Me: "So, she's feetless and sleeping"

Ari: "Yeah, I took her feet off and stuck her in the microwave." *maniacal laughter*

Is it bad that I encouraged this by laughing? Ha!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Say Wha??

Martin- "Hey Adena...where's the incest at?"

Me- "????!"

Martin- "Incest. Where's it at?"

Me- "???!!!!!??"

Martin- "INCEST! You know the smelly stuff?"

Me- "INCENSE??!"

Martin- *long pause* "Oh man....I was wondering why it sounded wrong!"

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

You Know You Blog Too Much...

When you have a dream that you've been invited to eat dinner at Danny Elfman's, and the reason you're so excited is that you'll get to blog about it later.

I think it was the Pizza I ate before I went to bed....