Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Got Nothing

So here's another iTunes meme!

1. Put your music player on Shuffle
2. For each question, press the Next button to get your answer.
3. YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER WHAT. Add some lyrics, if you want!

1. IF SOMEONE SAYS "IS THIS OKAY" YOU SAY: "Rock Is Dead" (Marilyn Manson) Haha, I’m totally going to start saying that, too! Can you imagine the looks I’d get?


3. WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? "Gravity" (Sara Bareilles) This is one of my favorite songs, and is heartbreakingly true. ["You hold me without touch. You keep me without chains. I never wanted anything so much, than to drown in your love and not feel your rain."]

4. HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? "Sullen Girl" (Fiona Apple) No, that was yesterday. I’m okay today!

5. WHAT IS YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE? "The Bottom Line" (Depeche Mode) [“it's something that is out of our hands, something we will never understand. It's a hidden law. The apple falls, destiny calls. I follow you.”]

6. WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO? "Little Victories" (Matt Nathanson) [“This time, I'll have no fear. I'll be standing strong and tall Turn my back towards them all”] I LOVE this!

7. WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? "Falling Apart” (Matt Nathanson, again.) [Maybe it's because I'm Crazy. Maybe it's because I just can't honestly tell you what I want] Yeah, so THERE!


9. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN? "Endless Dream" (Conjure One) *le sigh*

10. WHAT IS 2+2? "One Sweet Love" (Sara Bareilles) Aww!

11. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND? "Somewhere Only We Know" (Keane) Ha!

12. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE PERSON YOU LIKE? “Love You Til The End” (The Pogues) [“I just want to see you when you're all alone. I just want to catch you if I can”]

13. WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? "Til Kingdom Come" (Coldplay) [“For you I'd wait... 'Til kingdom come. Until my days... my days are done”]

14. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? "Makes Me Wonder" (Maroon 5) [“One day I'll wake up and it won't hurt anymore.”] Now I’m depressed.


16. WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU? "In God’s Country" (U2) Well, that’s where they WISH I was.

17. WHAT WILL YOU DANCE TO AT YOUR WEDDING? "Endless" (Dave Gahan) [“I'm lost in a moment with you. It feels right We're floating above the stars You and I”] Nice!

18. WHAT WILL THEY PLAY AT YOUR FUNERAL? "Beyond the Invisible" (Enigma) Now, that’s funny!

19. WHAT IS YOUR HOBBY/INTEREST? "Fake Plastic Trees" (Radiohead) Silicone Bonsai?

20. WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SECRET? "A Wild and Distant Shore" (The Piano Soundtrack) Wow. No Comment.

21. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR FRIENDS? "Stupid" (Sarah McLachlan) HA! Wow, um…yeah. That’s not very nice, is it?

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I Stole this from Karl....which makes my finished result pretty ironic! (click my links, because they'll take you where you want to go)

How to Play:
  1. Go to Wikipedia- Click on random Article (left hand side) The first article title on the page is the name of your band.
  2. Click Random Quotes The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.
  3. Visit Flickr- The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
  4. Use your graphics program of choice (I used the Motivator) to throw them together, and post the result.
Here she is!

Friday, January 11, 2008


SnackiePoo had this up on her blog, and I thought I'd do it....since it involves music , which is one of my most favorite things ever...

Anyhow, it kind-of freaked me out w/ the spot-on-ness of the answers!!

iTunes RevengeRules: Put your music player on shuffle, press forward for each question and use the next song title as the next answer.

What does next year have in store for me? Bullet the Blue Sky- U2 (Yikes)

What's my love life like? Bare- Matt Nathanson (Now I'm depressed...)

What do I say when life gets hard? No Sleep Tonight- 300 Soundrack (Aint that the truth??)

What do I think of upon waking up? Long Hard Road Out of Hell- Marilyn Manson (HA! This is probably the most accurate on this whole meme.)

What song will I dance to at my wedding? The Music of the Night- Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack (This SLAYS me....only a few people know why)

What do I want as a career? Returns a King- 300 Soundtrack (QUEEN, maybe?)

My favorite saying? Caught A Lite Sneeze- Tori Amos (I'm not sure what it means...)

Favorite place? Fairytale- Sara Bareillis (I wish.)

What do I think of my parents? Sleep To Dream- Fiona Apple (Pretty much)

What’s my porn star name? Drunk Chicken - U2 (Cracking up. Can so picture it.)

Where would I go on a first date? Don't Stop Now- Emmy Rossum (FIRST date? I'm a slut, apparently.)

Drug of choice? Cornflake Girl- Tori Amos (As drugs go...cereal's pretty tame.)

Describe myself. Heartbreak World- Matt Nathanson (Yeah, true.)

What is the thing I like doing most? Endless Dream- Conjure One (Actually, I hate it, thanks.)

What is my state of mind like at the moment? The Ghost in You- Psychadelic Furs (Haunted?)

How will I die? Barrel of a Gun- Depeche Mode (Well, at least I know...)

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Belinda talked me all up in Twitter, so now I have to blog!! AGH!

So, I went to the convenience store tonight, and when I walked in, the clerk was standing outside talking to friends.

I was standing in front of the candy, and he came in and walked over to me, and stood there watching me.

I said "Um...just getting candy..."

and HE said...

"That's okay. I'm just standing here blatantly pressuring you to hurry up."

I looked at him in surprise and he shrugged, and said

"I feel that honesty is always the best policy."

Cracked. My. Shit. Up.