Friday, March 23, 2007

I've Really Got To Stop Doing That!

Me- "Hey,'s time to get up...."

Martin- "NonoNO! HOW many times do I have to tell you?? STOP turning off the lights at Wal-Mart!!"

Me- *blink blink*......."'re right....I'll go turn them back on.....terribly sorry....

Martin- "THANK you!.....Mmmphdmmmfh......zzzzzzzzzzzzz"

In related news, I dreamt about vampires overtaking grocery stores.


I think not.

Monday, March 19, 2007

What's Next? Leeches?

This weekend it was spectacularly nice outside, so we decided to clean. The house, the garage...didn't matter....we just needed to overhaul. So, I took on the inside, and Martin took on the garage, because he has this master plan to make it a poker room / home office. (We don't ever park the cars in the garage, anyhow.)

Our friend, Jason, came over to help, because well...he's a guy...and you mention "Poker Room" to a guy...

So, things were progressing merrily along, and I'm in the kitchen doing the dishes when I hear this GIGANTO ROAR from the garage. I figure Martin has tripped over something, because he's not exactly the most graceful person in the world, and think nothing more of it.

A few minutes later, Jason pokes his head in the kitchen.

"Uh, 'Dena? Martin's going to need some ice...and a towel."

I kind-of laugh, and ask Jason what happened, not expecting anything major.

"He just totally split his head open. He's totally dripping blood all over the floor of the garage. I mean, it's REALLY dripping...." was the answer.

Now, Jason used to be a semi-professional skateboarder, so he's seen many a major injury. If he says someone is "really dripping", there's probably a geyser going on.

So, I jet on out to the garage to check out the damage. Martin is crouched on the floor, puddle of blood in front of him, holding his head.....and Jason is totally right....much drippage.
I ask what the hell happened.

Soooo......Martin decided he didn't like the curtain that was covering the garage window. He decided to take it down. So, in order to reach it, he had to climb up onto the computer desk. When he climbed up, he did not pay attention to what was above him, and stood STRAIGHT up (full force) into the edge of the track for our garage door.

Sharp Steel + Noggin = Owie.

We all laughed at his expense for a bit, especially when we forced him to pour peroxide directly onto his wound, and watched him to make sure he didn't fall asleep for a long time.
A few hours later, I ask him how his head is feeling....

Martin- "Hurts like hell"

Me- "Did you just cut your scalp, or do you think you cracked your skull?"

Martin- "I'm pretty sure I cracked it."

Me- "How can you tell?"

Martin- "There was a.....noise."

Me- "A 'noise'?"

Martin- "Yup. I figured that probably wasn't a good sign."

Me- "Um, no...probably not. Are you going to be okay? Do you think you need to go to the doc?"

Martin- "Nah....I'll be fine......On the upside, tho'.....It TOTALLY cleared up my sinuses!"

Me- *Incredulous look*

Martin- "No, SERIOUSLY! It like relieved some pressure on my brain, or something."

Me- "'re advocating head wounds to clear up nasal passages? Is this like boring a hole in your skull to help headaches? Bloodletting to get rid of fevers? Are we in 1832?"

Martin- "Shuddup."

NEVER a dull day at my house, I tell you....

Monday, March 12, 2007

TequilaCon Mini-Update!

Random TequilaCon Happenings:

Sizzle losing her keycard from out of her bra. (Hey, I stored my money and ID in mine!)

Then asking Hilly if she'd check in there and see if she could find it.

Hilly accomadating this request, and feeling up Sizzle for a good couple of minutes, while proclaiming "Hey! I felt some nipple!"

The two of them deciding that after being the feltee and felter, that they should probably just make out, and laying a big, drunken smooch on each other.

Some random guy standing in the hallway watching the entire exchange w/ his mouth hanging open.

Said guy, after it was all over, stumbling out of the door, shellshocked, muttering "This is the BEST night of my LIFE!!"

Me, sober, laughing hysterically at the entire event.

It was a blast to meet you all!