Friday, November 23, 2007

Google Search Fun

What have people been looking for when they've been directed to my blog lately?

I'll tell you:

  • Newscaster Nipples - Um...Okay? When have I mentioned this, exactly?
  • i have like an orange skin that break off on my nipple what is it? - I don't know, but it doesn't sound good....
  • cat laryngitis - This seems to be a RAMPANT problem, because I get people looking for this ALL the time.
  • what is the opposite of disgusted? - Thrilled?
  • forked house toilet paper - The devil doesn't use toilet paper. It's part of why he's evil.
  • tire porn - You, sir, have issues.
  • news reporter tickled upon her feet - Which caused the nipples?
  • come for the fishing stay for the strippers - That's Oregon.
  • alligator in the pond moral - Avoid the pond?
  • do you believe in love at first sight have you ever been hurt emotionally - Well, DO you?
  • choking the monkey - Enough said.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Things Seen Whilst Driving....

Someone attempting to detail their own car, and make it "Brand Name".

Unfortunately, they must have been looking in a mirror while doing it,, not QUITE right....

Then, while driving at night....a semi driving ahead of me, with his trailer wheels folded in on top of his other ones....well, it made for an interesting rear light display.

At least it was cheerful.