Friday, August 29, 2008

Adena, A Retrospective...

Okay, let me preface this by saying that up until a few days ago, I had NO pictures of myself from my youth. None. This is mostly due to the fact that my parents and I don't really see each other all that often, and when I was a kid my dad was BIG into a film slide, no print pics, other than school ones.

So, the other day, my daughter brings home a folder that my mom gave her...filled w/ pics of me from grade/middle school. Nothing of high school, which is sad, because my senior photos? Smokin'!!

Anyhow...after I giggled and snorted for a while, a post idea emerged in my head.

So, behold...a small Adena retrospective:

Now this is me in 2nd grade. I think I'm laughing at the fact that I'm wearing a velvet dress w/ a lace bib. LACE!! ME??

*laughter interlude*

Apparently, I was in a "mood" that day, because the class photo shows me flashing the photographer some knee:

Now, on to 4th Grade, shall we?

What. The. Hell. am I wearing?? Holy hell! Let's forget that ever happened.

On to 5th grade. Did I mention I was a skater kid? Behold the bi-level haircut, and the homage to "Pretty in Pink", which I freaking love(d).

On to 6th Grade. Still a skater, but deep into the mid-80's clothing, apparently. Yes, that IS an Izod shirt....COVERED WITH A FISHNET VEST!! Go ahead, laugh. I understand.

Ahem. On to 8th Grade. This may be the worst yet. Note the fluffy hair and bangs. The mock turtleneck and V-neck sweater...and THE BOW IN MY FOOFY HAIR!!! I'm tempted to burn this one....seriously.

That's it for school photos. BUT, to redeem myself, here is a pic of me at 18. Why I didn't bask in my hotness, I don't know. I'd kill to look like this again.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic Walking

So, I've suddenly become somewhat motivated to DO stuff...which doesn't happen very often with least not for a while now.

I took stock of myself the other day, and realized that maybe I don't really like myself sometimes. So, I am going to try to change that.

First step? Get my body back in shape!

So, my bff and I decided to start going for walks a few times a weeks. And by WALKS, I'm not talking just a trip to the store. We are both tallish girls, and we don't get winded, so we are a good match for that sort of thing.

Last night was the first time I've done anything like that in a VERY long time, and I, of course, approached it kind-of insanely.

3 hours later, we were done walking. THREE HOURS! In this town? covered a lot of ground. Amazingly? I have blisters, because my uber-cute camouflage sneakers aren't the best for long walks, apparently...but, that's it. I'm not sore at all. So, that's a great sign.

Anyhow...funny story. We were walking down one residential street, and we passed an elderly couple and one of their friends sitting out on their driveway...throwing a ball to their VERY blind dog. Which was funny in and of itself. But, after we waved, and got a little past them, we heard one of the ladies call out "Girls? Girls?"

We turned around, and she said "We just wanted to give you a rating!" We were SOOO confused...up until the point she held up this GIANT placard w/ "9.9" written on it.

It was so random. We laughed for a while.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Funniest Thing Ever!

Yeah, going to work that day was TOTALLY worth it, don't you think??