Sunday, October 16, 2005

So, I'm Raising An Axe Murderer

So, i bought Arianna a doll that is like a combo of a troll doll and a bratz doll (it's feet come off, instead of shoes, like the bratz)'s kinda frightening, but it was on sale. so what the hell....

I also got her a toy microwave.

So, we have the following conversation (What is going ON tonight, anyhow??)

Me: "Hey, pick up your doll stuff and take it to your room....Why'd you take her feet off, anyhow?"

Ari: "She's sleeping. She doesn't need her shoes to sleep"

Me: "So, she's feetless and sleeping"

Ari: "Yeah, I took her feet off and stuck her in the microwave." *maniacal laughter*

Is it bad that I encouraged this by laughing? Ha!

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