Monday, March 12, 2007

TequilaCon Mini-Update!

Random TequilaCon Happenings:

Sizzle losing her keycard from out of her bra. (Hey, I stored my money and ID in mine!)

Then asking Hilly if she'd check in there and see if she could find it.

Hilly accomadating this request, and feeling up Sizzle for a good couple of minutes, while proclaiming "Hey! I felt some nipple!"

The two of them deciding that after being the feltee and felter, that they should probably just make out, and laying a big, drunken smooch on each other.

Some random guy standing in the hallway watching the entire exchange w/ his mouth hanging open.

Said guy, after it was all over, stumbling out of the door, shellshocked, muttering "This is the BEST night of my LIFE!!"

Me, sober, laughing hysterically at the entire event.

It was a blast to meet you all!

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