Thursday, January 03, 2008


Belinda talked me all up in Twitter, so now I have to blog!! AGH!

So, I went to the convenience store tonight, and when I walked in, the clerk was standing outside talking to friends.

I was standing in front of the candy, and he came in and walked over to me, and stood there watching me.

I said "Um...just getting candy..."

and HE said...

"That's okay. I'm just standing here blatantly pressuring you to hurry up."

I looked at him in surprise and he shrugged, and said

"I feel that honesty is always the best policy."

Cracked. My. Shit. Up.


Belinda said...

Yep, that is hilarious. I can't help but wonder, though, what his hurry was? Was he trying to close?

argosyinflames said...

belinda was right, you ARE hilarious!

adena said...

Nope. 24 hour store.

He just wanted to go outside and hang w/ his friends.

He then, as he was ringing my stuff up, told me he felt great affinity for the movie "Clerks".

Karl said...

Ha, wish everyone was as honest.

Happy New Year, gorgeous!

annie said...

That is funny! I would have tipped him, just for his honesty and sense of humor. What do you bet, though, had he said that to the wrong person, they would have got in a snit and called corporate on him, all pissed off for him not being "professional" and "courteous" at his minimum wage job?

Christie said...