Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic Walking

So, I've suddenly become somewhat motivated to DO stuff...which doesn't happen very often with least not for a while now.

I took stock of myself the other day, and realized that maybe I don't really like myself sometimes. So, I am going to try to change that.

First step? Get my body back in shape!

So, my bff and I decided to start going for walks a few times a weeks. And by WALKS, I'm not talking just a trip to the store. We are both tallish girls, and we don't get winded, so we are a good match for that sort of thing.

Last night was the first time I've done anything like that in a VERY long time, and I, of course, approached it kind-of insanely.

3 hours later, we were done walking. THREE HOURS! In this town? covered a lot of ground. Amazingly? I have blisters, because my uber-cute camouflage sneakers aren't the best for long walks, apparently...but, that's it. I'm not sore at all. So, that's a great sign.

Anyhow...funny story. We were walking down one residential street, and we passed an elderly couple and one of their friends sitting out on their driveway...throwing a ball to their VERY blind dog. Which was funny in and of itself. But, after we waved, and got a little past them, we heard one of the ladies call out "Girls? Girls?"

We turned around, and she said "We just wanted to give you a rating!" We were SOOO confused...up until the point she held up this GIANT placard w/ "9.9" written on it.

It was so random. We laughed for a while.


Mike Doe said...
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adena said...

Oh, I do, I do! That's a gold medal, for sho'!

Karen Sugarpants said...

omg that is too funny! but 3 hours? holy hannah montana!

adena said...

I know, huh?? And, I think we're going out again tonight!

I'm hardcore!

Jessie said...

I am going to make placards. I have to. It is my mission now.

Thank you Adena.

Adena said...

You're welcome, Jessie!

But, would yours be for things like "Best evacuation of an empty building" and "Best use of Fire on dried grass"?

Jen said...

HAHA! It was great to say the least. I don't think I've been so...Proud? before. Here we are ONLY WALKING and we get such a great score.

That dog though...what a riot! I'm quite sure he was still hunting for that ball by the time we finished our walk. ;-)

But are you sure it was 3 hours? hehe I don't remember and I obviously wasn't paying attention. Of course, the time always goes so quickly when we are together.

Ready for more? Let's see if we can get a "10" next time 'round! lol

Goodbye, Goodluck, said...
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