Monday, April 11, 2005

The Joys of Early Morning Wake Up Calls

I have a system.

I am used to the alarm going off to a nice, soothing white noise...partly because the station I usually listen to does not come in this far out of civilization. But, regardless, the white noise wakes me up sufficiently enough to be coherent enough to wake martin up when he needs to get up. Simple enough.

Well, Martin decided to mess w/ the alarm clock last night, unbeknownst to me. He changed the nice, soothing white noise to some Spanish station, and turned the volume up to like 50 decibles.

So, this morning, I'm in happy, happy dreamland, and get RIPPED out of it by "JESUSGONZALAZMARYJOSERODRIGUEZ.....AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!"

Let me tell you, you don't know true terror 'til you get woken up from a nice, peaceful sleep, absolutely sure that there is a crazed Mariachi band in your bedroom! So, after I removed my fingernails from the ceiling, and returned back to the ground, I woke martin up, and am now awake.....AWAKE!

Bah.I realize it's been a while since I've posted. I am a slacker. Plus, being unable to go anywhere during the day, I don't have much to write about!! On a side note, Martin made it to Cali over that weekend. After I copied him over a direct quote from PDX's website, he finally believed me about the ID and convinced his mom to overnight mail it.

So, all was well...Anyhow, I promise to be more faithful about writing in this thing...for my friends that get on me every day to provide them w/ some entertainment....okay okay....I assume my role of court jester.


Anonymous said...

JESUSGONZALAZMARYJOSERODRIGUEZ.....AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!! is my favorite song. I really enjoy reading up on how you're doing, even if it is on this blogger dealy bob. I'm inspired to blog myself. Anyway, take care of yourself, how's the pregnancy? You should blog about that. :oP What with the vomiting, swollen ankles, and ever-expanding waste line, the material is neverending. :o) Take care of yourself Adena and keep blogging.

emily said...

OK I have to say what I'm sure everyone has been thinking......Where did you go? Why did you fall off the face f this earth? You haven't blogged since April! I know there are things to write about...with your being pregnant and all.....Come on! I need some new reading material!

Susan said...

I'm still recommending the tattooed ID. Undoubtedly, something new will happen to re-enact Martin's ID saga.