Tuesday, July 05, 2005

It's Official: Murphy Hates Us

I don't think there is a word that describes my last couple of weeks. At least not one that the english language has come up with, yet. The closest I can come to explaining it in a word, is "Armeggedon".

It all starts a couple days before my birthday. Martin got called in to work on a Saturday, for an emergency. He didn't get out until like 9 pm....so, on the way home, he gets caught in one of the "End of the Month Police Quota BS" pull-overs. Not that big of a deal, going 70 on the freeway. HOWEVER, apparently, w/o us realizing it, his Oregon driving privilidges had been suspended.

He has a Cali driver's license, so we had no idea about the Oregon stuff...he hasn't had an Oregon license in like 7 years. It was suspended for an uninsured accident before we moved out of Oregon, 7 years ago, but the suspension was lifted about 3 years ago, and he got his Cali license. (He couldn't get his cali license w/o that suspension being over w/.) Well, apparently, the insurance company decided we owed them more money, and re-suspended his license w/o notifying us.

Anyhow, since Martin was by himself, they towed my car. So, this was a Sat. Night, and I couldn't get my car back til the following Monday (My B-day).

So, my birthday consisted of spending $300 getting my car out of tow. Add to the fact Martin got a monster ticket, and we're down a couple thousand bucks.Hopefully, when he goes to court, the judge will feel pity on us...However, in the meantime, martin can't drive, and supposedly he can't get his license back til he pays the insurance company another 2k. (although, i think that's BS....he needs to talk to the judge. He should be able to get a hardship license). But, until that happens, i have to drive him to work, EVERY day, which is a 3 hour trip for me (there and back)...so 6 hours driving, every day.


So, there was that, and that SHOULD be enough, but NOoooooo.....My OTHER car, which was parked in MY driveway of MY house, was tagged by the police, because it has expired cali tags (by like 2 months). I wasn't driving it, so i had dropped the insurance, so couldn't register it. So, fine. I put insurance back on it, and went to the DMV to get oregon plates. Well, they tell me that i need to bring the car in when i'm bringing a car in from out of state. Fine. I go to take the car in, and it doesn't start. We figure it's some battery/electrical thing, but we need to move the car from where it's at, otherwise the police will tow it. So, we move it to a friend's house, so we can take a look at it in the next few days. This all happened on Monday, the day i had to go get my other car out of tow, so it wasn't major priority for me...Well, the police tag it at my friend's house, THE SAME DAY WE MOVED IT.So, screw it. I just signed it over to the tow company....i don't even want to deal w/ that right now. So, I basically gave our 2nd car away...And you'd think THAT would be enough crap...but, NOoooo.......

The same weekend all this happens, my fridge decides to stop working. It is now HEATING UP the food inside it....so, basically, i can't keep food in the house, and we have to either go to the store when we need to eat, or eat fast food. And it's the middle of hot-ass summer, so i can't keep any cold drinks, either. Now, let's factor in that new fridge's cost around 1k to buy, and i don't even REMOTELY have that, after tow stuff, tickets, insurance crap, etc....So, i don't even know what to do there....and let's add this to the fact that my microwave broke like a month ago, and i never wanted to shell out the money for a new one. So, basically I have a stove....with only One burner that works.

Fine....anything else, Murphy?

Why yes...OF COURSE....So, yesterday, martin drives to our friend's...no biggie, it's a block away. He managed NOT to get pulled over, but he DID drive up on the curb in front of our friend's, and managed to pop the tire, by popping the sidewall. So, even though the tire should be covered by warrenty, i had to buy a new one, because the sidewall popping is not "normal wear and tear" on a tire.That was today....not sure what else will happen the rest of this week...but, i'm assuming it can't be good.


stacey said...

not Murphy, SATAN and DEMONZ!

Jessie said...

Geez...That is rough! Ive had it all happen at once like that too. Ive even had thugs try to steal my car while we were waiting for a tow truck after the engine blew!

Phazed_out said...

I had the GD bank tow mine right out of the parking lot while me and my 7 month old son stood in the lobby b/c the bank manager stopped us at the door and said you can't leave, we're taking your car....I was 2 months late on my payment and they refused to take my check for 2 months payments, decided they'd rather take my car instead. So there I stood with them towing my car all over less than $500.
The next day we paid the car off and got it back. Geeze...