Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Well, sort of.

I migrated...but only some. I cut out a LOT...but, kept funny posts, things I wanted to keep.

I have some stuff I need to add later, saved in word. But, um...blogspot sucks when it comes to formatting pictures. I'll do those when I have more time.


This is my new home, people!

Come visit!!

Oh and um....comments. Yeah. Those didn't get migrated. I don't have 20 years free time. Sorry.


Chase said...

Hmmmmm...your feed isn't working for me. The last post it says you put up was the birth of your son. Heh.

Gonna figgur it out.

Dave2 said...

I visit every day!

Chase said...

It works now. :)

annie said...

I like Blogger.
I ain't PAYING to put my drivel on the internet, geez!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I'm with Annie!

Jessie said...

Ok got your new link, need to change it on the blog roll now.