Friday, July 27, 2007

Fun Times.


I started a job this week working the front desk of a motel.

Run by Chinese folk.

It is fast becoming apparent this will be an...interesting...experience.

Apart from the language barrier, they are quite...blunt.

I got in a conversation w/ an ex-employee on the phone. She said that he took her license, looked at it and said:

"You used to be pretty. What happen? Drugs?"

Then he went on to say:

"Oh well. You not as fat as other girl. She huge."
Luckily he said nothing like that to me.

Only thing he said was "Hotel Industry not pay as much as Software Industry."

Uh. No shit.


Dave2 said...

Welcome back to the wonderful world of employment!


Stacey said...

"why you no have baby yet, you have house? de why no baby? You get sooooo old, too old for baby." - Mabel.

Anonymous said...

In my college years, I worked for a family owned drugstore for years...the family was Chinese. The wife would say, "Why you so fat? You not walk this week?".

It cracked me up...eventually.

annie said...

Holy cow, WHAT do they give for the "Continental breakfast"?
We stayed at one run by Eastern Indians and they served bread, margarine, and PLUMS. It was hilarious!

adena said...


Coffee and grocery store donuts.


Anonymous said...

CD Said: You gotta love it! Yesterday some foreigner said about my ADORABLE new puggle puppy "She's kind of ugly, isn't she?" Um, what? Who says that?? WHORE!

annie said...

That is funny! A lot of other cultures just describe things in a "matter of fact" manner, there is no rudeness implied.