Saturday, February 23, 2008


So, there's this meme making the rounds, and all the cool kids are doing it, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon.

You're supposed to list 6 quirky things about you, and then tag 3 people to do the same. I don't tag. So, I'll just list.

Here goes!

1. I have an extraordinary amount of books, and I re-read them all. Sometimes multiple times. There are books I have that I almost know by heart, for the amount of times that I've read them...yet that never diminishes my pleasure for the story.

2. I love going to overgrown, slightly freaky places to take pictures. Especially cemeteries. I LOVE cemeteries...and I love photography. It's a quirky combo.

3. I get overwhelmed in large groups of people. So much so that I will most likely fade to the back of the room, and just observe people in silence. I love to observe people. However, I know this makes me come across as aloof and cold sometimes, when really, I'm pretty open and funny when I get over my insecurities and let myself join the crowd.

4. I don't really like jewelry. I mean, I own a lot of it, but I never really wear it. With that said, I only have quirky, funky jewelry. I HATE gold, and I'm not that big on diamonds, and the like. Give me something unusual and off-beat...something that isn't sweet and dainty, and I'd enjoy that SO much more than your typical solitaire.

5. I buy bags of ice on a weekly basis. I MUST have cocktail ice in my drinks. I'm kind-of OCD about ice. I must have it to crunch on when I'm drinking soda or juice. I loves me some ice!!

6. I am obsessed with Gerard Butler. Like unhealthily obsessed. Like I could dip him in honey and eat him with a spoon obsessed. *hangs head in shame* But, seriously...who WOULDN'T be obsessed with THIS??

And there you have it. Only a small sampling of the reasons Adena is quirky.


Hilly said...

I didn't get the aloof vibe from you at all....more like the "watching these crazy fuckers" vibe ;)

adena said...

Ha! That's because I WAS watching you crazy fuckers!

Dave2 said...

If you haven't seen "Dear Frankie" then yu can't really say you are obsessed with Gerard Butler.

I know this, because I am obsessed with Emily Mortimer, which is how I ended up watching the same movie! :-)

adena said...


I've TRIED, I've TRIED!! No one around here HAS the movie!! I've looked and looked.

BUT, I've sat through monstrosities like Timeline and Dracula 2000...JUST so I can watch him.

I think that gives me the right to claim obsessed. :)

Karl said...

I kinda freak around lots of people, too. I tend to get really quiet when I'm in a group of people, unless I know them really well.

adena said...


Yup, I noticed that about you.

You became friends w/ the wall like me. Actually, more like the outdoor fireplace.

CLEARLY, we were made for each other. :)

Anonymous said...

Try your local public Library, and you can get to see it for free. That’s how I got to see it, and I have bought it from Amazon since then. It’s a must have for any fans of Gerry! Take my words. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I was referring to Dear Frankie.

adena said...


Hey, thanks! I hadn't thought of the library!

I know Amazon has it, and I really should buy it. I already have like my own personal little Gerry library of movies. It just keeps growing.

Next on the list, besides "Dear Frankie" is "Wrath of the Gods".

TrixieTaxi said...

So does that mean Gerard has replaced Anthony in your heart? :o)

Good to see you back and blogging Adena.

adena said...

Taxi Chica-

Mmm...Gerry takes the place of EVERYONE!!

And, thanks...I am trying not to suck so much.

Kentucky Girl said...

God, seriously. I could eat him (Gerard Butler) with a spoon. He is sooo yummilicious!

Kentucky Girl said...

OMG you haven't seen Dear Frankie? OMG, get on Amazon RIGHT NOW and BUY it. That movie makes him even hotter than he ever has been ever times eleventy.

PS-Netflix has it. :D