Thursday, May 08, 2008


I don't know why I've been neglecting this blog so much.

It used to be that it was my writing outlet, because I was too lazy to sit and actually write something more than a 4 minute blurb about something. I've always had to have some sort of creative outlet in my life to keep me (semi) sane...whether it be writing, art, music...whatever. Just something that I'm actually CREATING.

And for a while there, this blog was that.

But, now I've been actually, really, honest-to-God writing (Like in WORD! OMFG, amazing!!) and I haven't really needed this outlet that bad. What I've been doing probably isn't that great, but it's still mine, and I'm still creating...even if it's horrible.

I also used to blog to keep track of all my friends I've made in bloggy-land, but now Twitter has pretty much taken over THAT little necessity! (Because, honestly, what BETTER way to keep track of people than 140 character blurbs??) Ha.

I used to post photos here, but now I have Flickr to do that.

My poor blog has been outsourced. Which is really, really ironic, actually.

So, here I sit in my darkened living room, listening to the sound of the washing machine playing behind Mat Kearney playing through my earbuds....staring at a half finished manuscript on my computer, and neglecting my poor, pathetic blog.

I honestly don't know how I feel about that.


Iron Fist said...

I think both the short format of writing posts for the blog as well as creative writing in other format have their place. There are some stories that make sense on a blog -- others that are more suited to a longer manuscript.

That's my thoughts on it, anyway.

Chase said...

I feel ya, girl. I open my editor about once a week, planning on attempting a post. Then I'm all "eh, I'll do it later." Needless to say, I don't blog much. Heh.