Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I've Just Discovered a New Psychiatric Problem!!

So, today I'm at the counter at a gov't agency, talking to the lady behind the desk.

Another lady, who had been sitting, filling out paperwork at a table, got up and hesitantly walked towards us. Once she reached us, she asked "Do you have a dictionary?"

The girl behind the counter said no, so English nerd me asked her what she was trying to spell.

She said "Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome."

So, I started to spell it, but judging from the panicked look I was getting I decided to ask her "Well, let me see what you have written, and I'll tell you if it's right."

She shows me her paperwork, and it says...

"Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome."


I'm seriously patting myself on the back for not busting out laughing, because I SOOOO wanted to! Instead, I just managed to say "Um...It's not DRAMATIC....it's TRAUMATIC."

She looked at me completely blankly, so I just told her to write down the letters as I said them.

Whooo Boy.

Sometimes people scare me.


shiny said...

I think that, in her case, it was actually Post-Dramatic. :)

Karl said...

Lord, that's just...sad.

Stacey said...

Bwahahaha!!! That's not new. It just hadn't been named yet!

On a related note, if I hear one more person say "rotator cup" after I've just said "rotator cuff" 6 times, I will seriously stick my thumb in someone's femoral triangle.

adena said...

Shiny- I know. There are a few people I know that may actually HAVE Post DRAMATIC stress syndrome.

Karl- Sad, yet hysterical. What's even better is that if they'd HAD a dictionary, she would've kept it as dramatic, because she had spelled THAT right!

Stacey- Hey, do you want to work on my torn rotator cup? *snort*

Jessie said...

One for the Encyclopedia Traumatica

martymankins said...

Freudian Slip of a humorous kind.