Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's Been Going On?

Answer- Not much.

I got laid off (for the most part) last week, because the sector of business I currently work in is doing pretty badly because of the economy. There's simply not enough work to keep me busy. I have been working half days, or like 3 days a week for a while now, just to do the stuff that did come up...but, it's tapered down so much that there's no point in that, anymore.

Which is actually okay, because working so few hours a week was actually costing me money to work. So...yeah...unemployment is looking better. I'm actually making more staying at home than I was working. Go figure.

I guess I should be blogging more, but...well...I haven't. I need to be publicly flogged, I know.

At any rate, the tattoo idea I had a few posts down came into fruition over the weekend. My friend finally told me to come over for my free b-day tattoo, and so I had him do that one. I pretty much told him the idea, and he free-handed it, so it's not exactly like my drawing, but I think it turned out pretty cool, regardless: (click pic to make larger)

It's pretty symbolic for me, and not everyone will understand what the hell it's about, but that's okay. I know.

None of my other tats have any sort of meaning other than I liked them. I have 2 Celtic ones...because...well...look at me. But, other than that, I pretty much saw designs, and thought "Oh, I like that!"

This? Entirely to do with my writing.

Maybe nothing will ever come of it, and I don't even know if I'm any good. But, it's something that I've always loved to do, and I'm really doing it now. I've completely finished one novel, am 3/4 done with another, halfway done w/ yet another, and have about the first 3 chapters written on 2 more. I honestly don't know where all the ideas are coming from, but I'm going with them when they pop into my head.

I'm not terribly happy with the one novel that's actually done, but I think I needed to fully finish it...just so I could prove to my brain that it could be done. I'm so much happier with the other ones, and I've been spending most of my spare time working on them. I haven't really been posting here, because I think all my creativity is being sucked up by the novels. (And, for the record, how I write in this blog is NOT indicative of how I write stories...thank god.)

I'm not going to be all pretentious and say I'm a writer...because nothing has ever been published. I will say that I'm trying to be one, and I guess that is something. It means a lot to me, even if no one else ever gets to read what I've written.

I dunno...hard to explain. But, the open book w/ blank pages, and the word "write" in Tibetan Sanskrit. It may not be perfect, but then...neither is my writing. So, it all works out in the end.


Iron Fist said...

Why is it pretentious to say you're a writer?

adena said...

It's not, if you truly are one.

I guess I meant more like saying *down your nose* "Oh, but I'm a writer!" and when asked what you've written, be all "Oh...well, um...nothing, really. I'm THINKING about it...but, I haven't done anything."

There's a lot of people out there that claim to be writers that really aren't. They're more in it for how it sounds, I guess.

Best way to explain what I meant. Maybe it came across crappy.

adena said...

Also, I guess I feel like I don't really have the right to call myself a full-fledged writer, because nothing has come of it, yet.

To me, it would be like calling myself an actress, just because I posted one video up on YouTube, or something.

Just the way I feel about it...doesn't necessarily make it right.

Jessie said...

One time USA Today featured your blog. You can call yourself a writer, I'll let you.

How about aspiring author?

Karl said...

You write, you're a writer. It's that simple. There are many great unnpublished writers. Good for you!

Kyra said...

I like the tattoo! :)

MB said...

I love the tatoo. I've always wanted one but I'm too chicken to do it. I'm so jealous. Hardly a workday goes by where I don't wish I would get laid off so I could focus on my dream job.

I want to hear more about your books. You're a writer, I'm more of a reader. Congrats!

Carl Weaver said...

As a writer, you have to take responsibility for your effort, not necessarily the outcome. Lots of things go into getting published - some within your sphere of control and some outside of it. If you do your part and actually write and submit pieces and try to improve your craft, that's what you can do.

If you want, I'd be glad to help you get started building a portfolio or at least point you in the right direction.

Good luck and keep up with your own side of the struggle. The other side is often out of your control.