Sunday, July 05, 2009


I've been busy, as indicated by the above books. I am killing myself for summer term, because it's considerably shorter than the other terms, and they pack in the same info into a smaller window of time. In addition, my psychology course is a fast-track one that will finish everything in 5 weeks. I'm seriously on brain overload. I know I said I'd write more often, but cut me some slack for a little bit.

After summer term is over, I'll have about 6 weeks of vacation before fall term starts, and hopefully I'll be doing FAR more fun things for a good portion of that time!

Until then, if you hear a giant boom in the distance, that's just my head.


Dr Robert Carlson of Sarasota said...

I see you really like the sciences. I am a heart surgeon, and wrote a fiction novel about the very seedy side of stem cell research and heart surgery. The story is packed full of lots of my personal experiences in trauma and surgery tied into a very dark, but entrancing book called The Diabolical Doctor. Enjoy...Rob

Rob said...