Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So, let me start this by saying I'm not exactly normal....

In point of fact, I'm slightly quirky.

In addition to the odd personality quirks, I go through stages in my life where I star
t collecting random things. Usually it's just because something catches my eye, or I randomly think "Oh, that would be fun!"...but, needless to say, my apartment is full of some things that you people might think are a little off the beaten path of normal...

I'll start with the simp
le, semi-everyday things....

1. Books. How does one collect books, you may a
sk? Wellllll.....see below:

(yes, those are double front stacked on each shelf)

Not to outdo my reading material, there was a time, a few years ago, that I was shipped off to India for work. And I came back with a new obsession....

2. Elephants. T
hey are everywhere in my house. In random spots, like an Indian elephant baby mobile hanging from my ceiling, or on my bookshelf, hanging out in corners, and in a special little shelf thing I devoted especially to them:

After the elephants came something else I decided one day would be fun...

3. Gnomes. Yes, gnomes, okay?? Shut up! I TOLD you I'm not normal! Anyhow, I have one on my computer in my bathroom...some name it:

After the gnomes, my friend Stacey got hooked on collecting poppets. And after many months of watching her take picture after picture with her
roaming poppets, I finally broke down and got my own...I mean, just one couldn't hurt, right? Which leads us to...

4. Poppets.

*Ahem*....MOVING ON....below are some other random things that haven't quite grown enough to be considered "collections"....yet. Give me a little time and I'm sure I can rectify that.

(This is the area above the sink in my kitchen)

But, before you think I'm some kind of crazy cat lady in the making, living amongst piles of newspaper 10 feet high, etc....I'm really not!! I promise! I can prove it!!

So there!


Avitable said...

I had to reorganize my books because I had them all over the house. I must have 2,000 of them!

Mike Doe said...

You can officially remove the "slightly" in the second paragraph.

Rob said...

Hi :)
Thank you for sharing. The pictures were great, the writing was funny, and I enjoyed reading it.
Your collections are great!
Love From Canada

Jessie said...

The god. You know, I wish I had snagged my mom's elephant collection when it was shipped to my sister from the nursing home she died in. We did give them to a red headed elephant lover, but I had no idea that you were also one, so sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cuz, looks like you got a nice little place. I'm so happy for you that things are looking up these days. Sorry I missed you while I was out housesitting. Give me a call, OK?