Friday, August 19, 2005


John Langley Nelson II
(aka: Jack)

Born: August 14, 2005
8 lbs 4 oz 21 inches long
So, I've neglected posting! What's the matter with me? I can't birth a baby, move to a new house, housesit another house, AND write in my blog, all in the same week?? I'm slipping. I promise to do better.

Anyhow, yeah....I had baby Jack on Sunday night. Kinda a funny story....

So, we're house-sitting Martin's Aunt Donna's house. She's great, but picture Elizabeth Taylor in her elder years....That's his aunt. She's the most.....noticible....person i know. But, very sweet and very giving. She's also a State Rep for Oregon, so very public profile....we have to answer the phone for the week we're here. Boy, does she get some interesting calls. Apparently, the crazies think they can call the State Rep and blather on about the conspiricy theories that they have. She warned us, i just didn't realize it was that common.

Anyhow...we hung out here since the tuesday before i had him....i had a false labor scare on tuesday, and it never came to fruition, but we figured we'd hang out close to the hospital, so she said we could stay here. So, we waited....and waited.....

Finally, on sunday, she decided to take her grand-daughter shopping....maybe FIVE minutes after she leaves, I feel this "trickle". Now, keep in mind, when you have an 8 lb baby sitting on your bladder, this isn't too uncommon. But, it didn't feel quite, i was all "um, martin...i think i may have broken my water..." (With arianna, they had to do it in the hospital for me, so i had no idea what it felt like normally). So, he starts to panic.

You have to understand HOW much martin has panicked with this pregnancy. It's hysterical. Stacey and i have been all "breathe, martin...we'll let you know when it's the real thing"
Anyhow....he's all "we have to go to the hospital NOW!" whch i'm all "uh, no...there are some things i need to get at Wal-Mart first." (haha). So, off to Wal-Mart we go. I had to get stuff for the hospital, as well as pick up some stuff for the house. (I know, i'm insane). I also figured walking around giant store would be a sure way of figuring out if i was REALLY in labor.

So, the contractions aren't REAL strong, but definately like 4 minutes apart in Wally-World, and we get what we need, and head to the new house. The MINUTE i open the door....*GUSH*... "Uh, I KNOW my water broke!". So, we throw what I need in the car, and head out. Problem is...Arianna. We have to figure out what to do w/ her. So, we go search for his Aunt. We find her walking out of JC Penny's.....dump Arianna w/ her, and rush to hospital. I get there at 7:30ish. They put me in a room, hook me up to a machine and leave. At THIS point, the contractions freaking HURT. So, i tell martin to go find a nurse and get me some damn drugs. Off he goes. The nurse comes in, checks me, and is all "oh, you're already at 7....i don't think they'll give you drugs". I was all "They did w/ my was just a shot of something, but it helped, and i was at like 9 when they did that" So, she went to go find the doc. She comes in...."Oh, you're at 9 now. We're not giving you any drugs. Call us if you feel like you have to push" And out she goes.

The nurse hangs out in the room, doing whatever, and at this point, i feel like murdering someone. NO DRUGS?? You have GOT to be kidding me. I am in so much pain, i am literally head to toe shaking. Martin is standing at the side of the bed, staring at me like i'm possesed, but at that point, i think i probably was. So, finally I grunt at the nurse that I'm "going to push, damn it" and she runs out and gets the doc. So, she comes in, and Jack arrived in like 5 cycles of pushing. So, hour and half total labor. But, honestly, I think i'd trade that in for a 10 hour labor, as long as they gave me drugs! For all those that bitch about how quick it was, and how lucky i am, grumble-grumble....uh, no. You have to factor in that you have NO PAIN MEDS! It evens out, believe me.

But, he's doing good. He was a little jaundiced, but that's on it's way to getting better, and he's got some funky butt-dimple thing that they want to keep an eye on, in case it's something more serious. But, Martin informed me that he has the same dimple, which he does. Not something I was really looking for, before. But, now that he pointed it out....I'm not worried. Obviously, it's genetic, and is not some spinal deformity thing.

I have gotten little to no sleep the last few days, so I am going to head off to about 4 hours of sleep. Martin told me he'd watch Jack til 2 in the morning, and then there is a shift change. So, I must go get what sleep i can. I will try to keep up on this blog the next week, while we're house sitting, but after that, I'm not sure. We still have to hook up internet in the new place...and we all know how slow the cable company is....


Stacey said...

YAY! Milkface!

And his eyes are soooo gonna be greeny-grey like yours.

adena said...

arianna had weird murky eyes, too. Now they're brown.

Jessie said...

Im so sorry that they didnt givr you drugs, what a load of crap! Last time, I kept asking and asking and they didnt even start believeing me till I was at like 6, and I didnt get the epidural till about 8, so if they can jam a needle in my spine at 8 they can give you a shot of demerol. Sounds like you were on your own there, that sucks. I cant remember the pain from my first one, but I KNOW it hurt, I just cant remember how badly. I lucked out with this one, I thank my great doc for that. Well, hes a cutie...Ive always wanted a boy named Jack, and maybe one day Ill get one, if we keep on crankin out boys...good luck, get some sleep

Miss Ann Thrope said...

He's beautiful! Congrats!