Saturday, August 06, 2005


Yay! Got a car! Yay!

Went on Craig's List and found a semi-cheapie car....Martin's sis and my parents spotted us some money to pick one up, til we can pay them back in Sept. Phew. THANKS GUYS!!
I feel better now, knowing that if i go into labor, I won't have to WALK 20 miles to the hospital!!
Anyhow, it's nothing spectacular, a 91 Subaru Legacy Wagon....but, I like the subaru wagons. I always have. (Ideally, I'd get a new Outback AWD.) But, it's a car, and it runs, and that's all that matters. Phew!

I have no idea why i'm up at (almost) 4 am. I swear, every night, i get up around this time. It's like an automatic *PING* AWAKE!! I'll crash back to sleep here in a sec. Had to check the bank account. Normally Wells Fargo has everything go through around 3 am, and you can check your balance then, but for some reason on Fridays, it takes longer. They give me semi-heart attacks, because they deduct the money for checks before they show them online, in like this 30 minute-1 hour window, so you go to look at your account, and it's SUBSTANTIALLY lower than it should be, w/ no justification. I'm sure it's just that the check for the deposit on the place went through, and it's not posted online yet....but, still...i have to wait up til 4 to check and make sure. Damn banks.

Anyhow, i'm not very creative this early. Just thought i'd share that I GOT A CAR! WHOOOOO!

"NEW(ISH) CAR 2005....WHOOOOOO!" (and only you Oracle people know what i'm talking about.) :)


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