Monday, July 24, 2006

No, Really! Your Hump Is Stunning!

So, the other day at work, one of the girls I work w/ was ringing up this guy. He was nothing special, I couldn't even tell you what he looked like, but he had this splint on his finger, and a nasty gash across his knuckle.

My friend saw it and asked him "Oh! What did you do to your finger??"

He opened his mouth, and out rolled this amazing Australian accent:

"Oh, ah cot it ahn some baaahbed waare." (I cut it on some barbed wire)
*time stops, crickets chirp*

My friend feebly asks him "What?"

He repeats himself....."Ah cot it ahn some baaahbed waare." (and, off subject here, but when he said that, I immediately thought to ask him if he was keeping dingos away from the flock. Not sarcasticly, either. That was a SERIOUS thought that went through my head. No matter that we live in Oregon...yeah. Shut up. Stop laughing at me... Damn Aussie accent. Good thing I kept my mouth shut.)

"Oh....well, that looks really bad."

"Ehn. It's naaht thaaat bahhhhd. You have a g'day now!"

Our eyes longingly follow him out the door, and my friend turns to me and says "OH that accent!! I swear, it totally doesn't matter what a guy looks like when he sounds like that."

I replied, "Oh, I KNOW! I mean, you don't have to look at them, anyhow. Just close your eyes, stick a bag over their head, something. Just keep talking, damn it! KEEP TALKING!!"

We laughed, but it's SO true! Australian accents are sexy, yes....but, my downfall is a British one. Proper London, doesn't matter. Bust out w/ an English accent, and I become a panting puddle of quivering jell-o.

I overly hirsute, hunchbacked midget could walk up to me, and if London rolled off his tongue, suddenly he would grow 2 feet, have had a miraculous depilatory treatment, and that hunch would become an ASSET, baby!

Seriously. Keep talking. That's it. Just one more paragraph. Keep going. Ooh, conjugate that verb...almost there....


Anyone else feel that way about accents? Or am I just a freak? :)

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