Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ghost Forest

So, every once in a great while, the Coast has a big storm that is strong enough to wash away significant amounts of sand from the beaches.

And, sometimes, when that happens it uncovers something ancient.

This is called a "Ghost Forest", and it's the stumps of trees that are around 2000-4000 years old and were suddenly buried in some sort of cataclysmic event. It buried them so quickly that it preserved them in their normal positions.

Usually, they are covered by the sand, with only the tops of one or two of them poking their heads out....but, with this last storm that blew through, it uncovered an entire forest.

I have more pictures here.

The pictures don't really do justice to how cool it was. Some of the stumps were almost as tall as me, and with all the water rushing around them, it was very surreal, and very, very beautiful.

So, we spent a gorgeous day at the beach, but my camera ran out of juice by the end. Somehow, the camera gods were smiling at me, and I caught this picture in a split second moment:

I freaking love it. I may blow it up and have it framed.

I love the beach, and although I only live about 45 minutes from it, I don't go nearly enough. I need to change that, I'm thinking...


amy324 said...

Wow, awesome photos. I think they are both suitable for framing. I didn't know about the ghost forests. Really interesting. Thanks!

Karl said...

Great photos indeed. Very cool.

Belinda said...

I saw these already when you posted links on flickr, and still say, WOW. You've quite the artistic soul, you know. I'm glad I know you.

annie said...

I've been wanting to see those since they first popped out a few years back. Do they come and go, I guess? Which beach is that, exactly. I think I remember it being past Lincoln City, I could hit it when I visit my brother!

Jessie said...

Hell yeah blow it up! What a cool shot!

MB said...

Great photo! You definitely have to blow it up and frame it!