Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dear Annoying Spammers:

When trying to market something that is "guaranteed" to give you "huge erections and stamina" maybe you should NOT send the email from some woman named "Helga".

Because, between you and me....all that name conjures up is a huge woman in a viking cap that could probably decapitate a man with one punch.

And I'm pretty sure that's not the look men are going for when they want "huge erections and stamina".

Or, maybe I'm wrong....

Just something to consider,



Hilly said...

Ok that's just wrong. When I hear the name "Helga", I picture a burly nurse with a huge needle and a penchant for sadistic behavior.

Jessie said...

I dont know, I can picture a cute Swedish girl in a porno named Helga or something.

You want gmail invite? Cuz Helga made me leave Yahoo. Helga and her bull dyke Viagra pushing friends.