Friday, October 05, 2007

Why Trips to the Store are Never Uneventful....

I don' t know why I insist on going shopping at night.

I always think there will be less people, and I'll be in and out....
and yeah...there ARE less people...

but, unfortunately there are less CHECKERS, as well...and I end up having to wait eons to get out of the place.

So, standing in line tonight, I noticed:

1. There was a guy in jeans that were far, far too tight. Like, "I know what religion you are" tight. And, no...not something a girl really wants to see....ESPECIALLY if the guy weighs like 90 pounds, and has one of those mustaches he has greased and pointed the ends he wants to live in an old Western and be the dastardly villain.

2. There was a college kid walking around in a BRIGHT turquoise, windbreaker material jogging suit. BRIGHT "
Ohmygod, My eyes are bleeding!!" Bright....and he had one leg rolled up, one all the way down, and was wearing....a multicolored beanie w/ a propeller on top.

I'm hoping maybe he was being hazed for a fraternity? Because, this IS a college town. But, then it's October. Don't they haze earlier than this?

3. The woman behind me needed to beat her child. NOT that I advocate child abuse, but Jesus Christ! This kid was screaming, grabbing the cart and slamming it into her mom...on purpose, grabbing stuff of endcaps and throwing it on the ground, telling her mom "NO!!" when she told her to calm down....etc etc.

Seriously, lady? If your kid is
being THAT out of control, I wouldn't have minded if you tried something a LITTLE more effective than "Please stop, Elizabeth." continuously.

So, now I'm home....decompressing.

and I took this pic of Jack tonight. I am SO in for it when he gets to the dating age.


Jessie said...

The eyes? And that smerk? Combined with the blond hair, he will never have to work a day in his life.

Hilly said...

Oh he is such the cute patootie!

There was a lady in line behind me at the pharmacy last night and I think she *Was* beating her child. It was disturbing.

Anonymous said...

CD Said: Um, can you bring your camera next time you go shopping at night? I would kill to see the turquoise track suit!