Saturday, October 20, 2007


Um, either my house has some SERIOUS wiring issues that just appeared suddenly, or being that it's close to Halloween, I have some mischievous ghostie visiting.

Case in point:

I go to turn on my lights in my kitchen. They don't turn on. I have a fluorescent light fixture in the middle of the ceiling. I try both switches. Nada. So, fine, I turn on the light above my stove, and go about my business.

A while later, I go to heat something up in the microwave.

The INSTANT I open the door to the microwave, and the light inside of it clicks on, so does my overhead light. They turned on simultaneously.

Um, okay.... I stood there standing bemused for a bit.

Then later on in the night, I go up to my bedroom. The light won't turn on. I click the switch a few times. Nada. I figure the light is burnt out, and I fumble my way to the computer to turn it on to use it's light. Soon as it boots on, my bedroom fixture clicks on.

Come to think of it, it turned on me the other day, too.

I was in on the computer. Light switch was clicked off. Sitting there minding my own business, and then the light turned on by itself. I just turned around, said "Well, hello." and went back to typing. Yeah, I don't scare that easily.


Maybe I DO have a visitor!

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Jessie said...

Reminds me of when my mom died. Every light bulb in our house popped within a week of her death. EVERY ONE OF THEM.

And whats funny, is Rory's mom was at her own house, and she said something about being glad that the bitch was dead, and three of the five lights on their ceiling fan popped at once.

If my mom is bothering you just leave her an offering of Marlboros and a little bit of diet Pepsi in a glass of vodka. She'll pipe down.