Thursday, March 31, 2005

"But, I'm Special...Rules Don't Apply to ME!!"

This is for Emily....who keeps asking me to POST A NEW BLOG ALREADY!!!

So, martin is supposed to fly to Cali this weekend and next to work at his mom's office, some computer stuff.In his drunken stupor the other night, he lost his license. Kinda' important to have ID when you fly. So, he calls his mom, to have her overnight his birth cert, so he can get a new ID.

Simple enough.

She, in turn, calls the AIRLINE in SACRAMENTO, to ask if he can use a faxed copy of his birth cert, and his work ID, which is photo. They say sure. Okay, fine for the Boarding Pass.

So, she doesn't mail the cert.

Now, anyone who's been to Sac airport knows it's NOT the biggest, most advanced airport in the world. Things that are OK at Sac, probably won't be kosher anywhere else.

But, I digress. She called the AIRLINE, not the AIRPORT. Security checkpoints at the airport require FEDERAL PHOTO ID. Not a faxed Birth Cert and a work ID. I mean, c'mon. Common sense. So, I try to express this, but no one listens to me.

I JUST FLEW ALL OVER THE WORLD IN JUNE. I know the process for getting to the plane. Plus, PDX's security is INSANE. They're like LAX, or something. They take it WAYYY seriously.

So, we're going to drive all the way to PDX, which is like 2 1/2 to 3 hours away, at night, to only have to turn all the way around again. I already know this. But, no one is paying attention to me over here in the corner. Barring some miracle, it's an exercise in futility.

But, what do I know?


Susan said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE HE LOST HIS ID AGAIN! I mean, really?!?!?!? I would be looking for some kind of ID tatoo for that boy!

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