Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Importance of Brakes #2, and Why I Hate Car Jocks

Ok, so yesterday was the day from hell.

I had mentioned how my car needed brakes, and was in the shop, yes?

Well, apparently the idiots at Les Schwab had a defective part, and didn't fix it in time, so the car stayed overnight. Martin was stuck at work, and had a friend come get him. So, he stayed the night at his friends. In the course of that night, he lost my bankcard in a machine because he walked away while it was beeping at him to take it out, got drunk, went to sleep at 3 am, and didn't go to work the next day. So, he left my car up at the area of his work w/o anyway to pay for it, and was not in the area to pick it up, anyways.

So, my day STARTED out relatively uneventful, had to take the cat to the vet, supposed to pick him up at 4:30. So, after I find out the events of the night before, I'm a little PO'd, and call Les Schwab to see when I can go pick up my car. Somehow...They tell me, in a nutshell, it's still not done, they don't have the part, it's not their fault, so they won't give me a break on the price, and oh, you want to complain? *Click* here's the manager. Who tells me the same crap, but that the part is coming, and the car would be done around 1pm. Fine.

So, my friend drives an hour and a half to come get me, we go pick up martin, who I can't even talk to, I'm so mad, and drive to go get the car. Now, it's 3pm by the time we get to Les Schwab. We walk in....guess what? IT'S NOT DONE! They haven't got the part.So, I'm all "what happened to it being done at 1pm, and the part coming from Lake Oswego??"

"Well, I don't know why he told you that"

GAH! So, they say it will be done around 4. We go back to my friend's place, (luckily she lives close to the shop), and wait to call til 4:30. The car is STILL not done. The part they were getting at 4 was the wrong part, and they're "trying to make it work". So, martin, at this point, SCREAMS in the phone "I don't want to hear anymore excuses, GET IT DONE!" *click*So, they call at 5. Car's done. However, I'm a little worried about the "trying to make it work" comment. Am I driving on Jerry-Rigged brakes? Will I have to stop like Fred Flinstone? So, it's past 4:30. My poor cat has to stay the night at the vet. Poor thing. He becomes a Eunich, and gets stuck in a cage all night. He's going to be SOOO pissed at me.The world would be so much easier w/o men.

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adena said...

My Friend's hysterical comment:
"So, they're basically saying 'We ordered a rotor, but we got a gas cap. We're in the process of saudering now.'" hahhahaha....that's pretty much it.

Oh, and I STILL didn't get a discount.