Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Necessity of Brakes, and TV Addiction

So, my car has needed new brakes for about a week. It becomes blazingly apparent when you try to stop, and instead get a grinding noise that sounds like a jet engine just started inside your car. However, Martin deemed in necessary to drive all the way to portland and back for work w/ the jet engine noises, for the better part of a week.

Today, he decided to go get them fixed. The guys at the shop tell him that the rotor was nearly gone, because the LACK of a brake pad had been grinding it down for some time. To the point where nothing was really even gripping the rotor. It had worn so thin, it was in danger of breaking off completely, and exposing the vents. Had THAT happened, the wheel would've locked up, and the car would've flipped. Given he drives the freeway everyday, this probably would not have been a good thing. Again, I shake my head in wonder.

Anyhow, on to TV addiction. I admit it, I'm an American Idol junkie. Have been since the first season. (Although last season didn't impress me much. I wasn't a big Fantasia fan. The world only needs ONE Macy Gray.) There are some definate good singers this season, but then there are some people that are there based on personality alone, and listening to them is like fingernails on a chalkboard. It's a sad day for music when a guy who's in a Hard Rock band in real life, decides to sing a friggen' PARTRIDGE FAMILY song on Idol. What the hell? PARTRIDGE FAMILY??? The "Doctor Who" scarf he was wearing was a nice touch, too. ( I realize that most of you didn't have an older brother that subjected you to BBC Sci-Fi throughout the late 70's - 80's. So, I give you this link in comparison:

Dr. Who/Constantine

Anyhow, my vote to get booted this week is Mikhaela a.k.a. "even though i'm a 16 year old from Vegas, I really think I'm a 40 year old Streisand impersonator from Queens". Why is she even there in the 1st place?? She's NOT endearing. She annoys the hell out of me. It's that whole "I think I'm so precious. I'm a CHEERLEADER!! *bat bat of the eyelashes*" vibe. I want to pummel her over the head w/ a skateboard. Anyhow, she can't sing. The whole thing was flat, and in the wrong key. If anyone else gets booted, then apparently America LIKES mini Fran Drescher's. And I will promptly move to Canada.

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