Tuesday, November 29, 2005

About Last Night

So, martin didn't feel good, and was being typically guy-like about it. (IE...grumpy and whiny)

So, i made the mistake of getting on him about something, while sitting on the couch eating dinner, and watching tv.

Next thing i knew, he had flung mashed potatoes at me. (Like using both hands to flick a fork w/ food on it.)

No, he is not 12...although, at that point, i think he may have been.

In utter shock that I actually had mashed potatoes clinging to the side of my face, i was unsure whether to get royally pissed, or start laughing hysterically. I was leaning towards laughing hysterically, but I wanted him to think i was pissed, so i left the room.

I know he was thinking he was in SERIOUS shit, so he came in the room i was in, saying "ok...so the potatoes was a little over the top...."



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