Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Baby Swings From HELL!!

Anyhow, Jack a baby swing.

It's great, and he goes to sleep in it, and i couldn't be happier w/ it.

The problem is...at night....when he's sleeping in it next to the bed....the sound that the mechanics of it makes....sounds like someone whispering.

I swear...the first night I really noticed it, it sounded like it was saying "HowYOUdoin?"

Imagine trying to sleep w/ a whispering voice saying "HowYOUdoin?HowYOUdoin?HowYOUdoin?HowYOUdoin?"

OMG...it was both annoying me, and FREAKING ME OUT!

So, now, every night, it's "saying" something different. I think as the batteries wear down, the sound changes. Unfortunately....if i turn off the swing, Jack immediately wakes up.
I'm doomed to hear voices from baby furniture.

This can't be a good sign.

*Update-4:40 am*

So, last night it was "iSEEyou!iSEEyou!iSEEyou!iSEEyou!iSEEyou!iSEEyou!"

My God, I'm living in a horror movie!

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