Thursday, December 01, 2005


So, I was going through old emails, and i ran across some emails I had sent about funny things arianna had said. She cracks me up:

Age 3: While driving in the car, we hear a solemn voice come from the backseat.

"The Black Cow is burning at Taco Bell....Say Yes."

Martin and I looked at each other and simutaniously said "Yes??"
I half expected her to bust out w/ a pair of bongos, and be wearing a beret. It was a VERY beatnik poetry moment.

Age 4: Martin told her to get in the car, because she was taking her sweet time getting to it, and she looks at him solemnly and says “Dad, you’re oppressing me.”

Age 4: Dialogue:

"Daddy, where did you learn about energy?"
"In School."
"In School?"
"That's where Spartacus learned about it, too."

At which point Martin and I couldn't stop laughing to continue the conversation... SPARTACUS?? I swear she's like a 700 year old in a 4 year old's body!

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