Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I Really Need To Go Shower Now.

Dear Annoying, Violent Tweeker Neighbors:

Do I owe you $19.95? I feel this must be the going rate for amateur pornos...

Also, Can I request that if, in the future, you feel the need to have 1 1/2 hour long bouts of REALLY REALLY LOUD sex, complete w/ room changes, POSSIBLE megaphone usage, and every cliche thing that you can think of to say during said REALLY REALLY LOUD and FRIGHTENINGLY LONG sexual romp, that you PLEASE do it after I take my 5 YEAR OLD daughter to school?

Really...i'm not sure what to say to her when she asks me what the noises are that are coming from ABOVE HER BEDROOM! (and good lord...was that for real?? You should be taping that could make some serious money.)

That is all.

In Awe,

Your Downstairs Neighbor

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