Tuesday, December 13, 2005

While Visions Of Sugar Plums

Arianna's class is learning about "different winter celebrations" at school.
Today, they learned about "St. Nick". Apparently, they stuck their shoes in the hallway, and he put candy in them.

She's under the impression that St. Nick and Santa Claus are different men.
"Moooom (insert rollie-eyed voice)....SANTA puts presents under the TREE, and ST. NICK puts them in SHOOOOES!"

So, tonight, she had a mini melt-down, because she wanted me to put a shoe by her bed so he'd give her something.

Me: Arianna, it's not christmas yet. He's not going to leave you anything.

Arianna: But, it's St. Nick, not Santa. St. Nick leaves presents WHENEVER you put your shoe out...it doesn't have to be christmas!

So, great...she's convinced she can get a present any time of year, now.
So, we out-thunk her....
After she fell asleep, I put the following in her shoe:

(if you can't read it, it says: "Dear Arianna- Clean your room, or i'll tell Santa Claus NOT to bring you presents. St. Nick")
PRETTY sure she'll need therapy later, but I think it's hysterical now.
We'll see how it goes over tomorrow.


She finally noticed the shoes when she was getting ready for school...
Ari- Mom! What's this in my shoe??

Me- I don't know...let me see....OHhh....It looks like a letter from St. Nick!

A- I TOLD you that he leaves stuff in shoes! What does it say??

M- *reads it to her*

A- I does NOT say that! Where does it say "clean your room"

M- Yes, it does. *shows her again*

A- *silence*.....MAN, St. Nick sure is BOSSY!


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