Sunday, January 08, 2006

My Daughter: The Moral Compass

We were driving in the car, and I don't even remember what Martin was referring to, but he used an analogy of it being like some idiot jumping into a pond full of live alligators.

We were kind-of giggling, and suddenly, there came this voice of PURE, righteous indignation from the backseat:

"That's NOT funny, dad! That means that someone would DIE!!"

We were so taken aback at the pure FURY in her voice, that it started us REALLY laughing, and just made her more furious with us.

"People being eaten is NOT funny! He became LUNCH! DINNER!! Maybe BREAKFAST!! That's NOT funny!!"

We replied with GALES of laughter.

"Stop laughing!! Death isn't funny! Being eaten by alligators is NOT FUNNY!!!"

Hysterical laughter.

She didn't talk to us for a while after that.


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