Friday, January 27, 2006

Tales of Haunted Plumbing

So, yesterday, Martin wandered into the bathroom off of our bedroom. He immediately came back into the livingroom, white as a sheet.

He motioned for me to follow him, and I walked into the bathroom, expecting to see that the cat destroyed or peed on something.

Not so much.

So, we've got one of those old free standing sinks that are a staple of old houses. The sink itself was full of water. FULL. To the top. There was no stopper, but the water wasn't draining.

Martin WHISPERS "Dude, the sink was empty 5 minutes ago when I was in here. No one has been back here...."

He feels the water.

"It's WARM...."

So, I'm sitting there, being logical for once. (Which is unusual for me. I could've TOTALLY gone w/ the supernatural angle.) I'm listening, and say "I think they're draining their tub upstairs. The sink must be backing up w/ their tub water."

Sure enough, I couldn't hear water upstairs anymore, and our sink drained like magic.
I laughed at Martin, who was still all pale, and he said "Oh man, I thought we had a ghost!!" (This is SOOO funny to me, because he scoffs at all things supernatural. He says over and over he doesn't believe, but fill up a sink w/ water, and he freaks out. Methinks he protests too much.)

So, while laughing, I say to him "You realize that you stuck your hand in their leftover bath water, right?"

I've never seen someone scour their hands so fast.

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