Thursday, January 05, 2006

When Men Try and Kill You

Or, at least trying to get someone else to do it.

Case in point:

He left for work at 6am. At about 5:40am I went back to bed, telling him to make sure the front door was locked when he left. He said "No Problem".

So, I woke up at 9ish.

I walk into the livingroom. Whoo...the house is a little chilly, maybe I should make sure the heat is on.


Maybe it's because THE FRONT DOOR IS WIDE OPEN!!

Hmm...a check of the door handle shows it's in the locked position, however, that does not come into play if one does not CLOSE THE DOOR in the first place!!

So, yeah...3 hours of my front door wide open, with me and the kids in the back of the house, sleeping.

He's trying to have me killed.

On a side note, my INDOOR cat is now an outdoor cat...somewhere. I can't find him. He saw an open door for 3 hours and took advantage of it. So, now I have to go on a cat hunting expedition.

And yes, my heat WAS on. So, now, about 3 kazillion dollars later, after heating up the outside, my house is starting to defrost.


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