Saturday, September 29, 2007


Got this spam email today...
so you look to Design

Hallo. What's up? Email me at (random email) only. I am pretty girl.
Would you mind me showing some nice pictures of me?
"I hope it will have some effect," you have spoken the report says. to
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annie said...

I get tons of those lately. In my Yahoo mail. "Pretty girl Pics".

As I told someone who asked, why do I have separate Yahoo accounts from my personal cable company e-mail. So I can give it out on blogs, memberships, etc. and all the junk mail that goes with giving an e-mail out so much!

Jessie said...

Its a Yahoo mail thing. I asked for the pics once and she didnt deliver. Total fail.

Kentucky Girl said...

right. Gotcha.

I hate spam. I hate the phishing ones even more. The people who send those out should be publicly hung.