Thursday, September 06, 2007

Eat Your Colors!

2nd post in a day, but it's a good cause.

So, one of my Internet friends, Jessie, has written a book. Seeing as how I am in the process of doing the same (with TWO books!..Yikes!)...I told her I'd help her out whenever I could.

I did some editing on it, since I'm an English nerd, and also told her I'd spread the word when it was published and ready to go.

Her book is ENTIRELY different than mine are, as it is not fiction. She has written a book about how to get kids to eat healthy. It has a lot of informative information, and also some recipes. I've read it. It's helpful....her kids are like anomalies in a world full of kids who eat crap.

Follow this link *click me!* for information about the book, and how to buy it.


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Jessie said...

First of all, thanks for the linkage love. Second, the idea of supporting internet writers is really what needs to be spread all throughout the blogosphere. You too will have a book one day and I will look forward to supporting you when it comes out by spreading the linkage. Thanks again for all the help.