Thursday, September 06, 2007


Ok, the job is not putting me in the best frame of mind.

The day before yesterday, the Rude Chinese owners made this big to-do about how if there aren't that many rooms to clean in the morning, that I MAKE SURE that I call one of the maids, and tell them not to come in. problem.

So, the NEXT DAY....we have barely any rooms to clean, so I call one of the maids and tell her not to come in.

Fine. Did what they asked.

ONLY....the NIGHT BEFORE, after I'd been home for a while, apparently the owner decided to do it himself, and didn't bother to leave a note, telling me NOT to call a maid. And of course, he called the other one. So, now NO maids are showing up.

So, he should've left me a note, yes? ESPECIALLY after making a big to do that I make sure I did it in the morning. RIGHT? COMMON SENSE, RIGHT??

Noooo.....he told me I was stupid. That I should've KNOWN that he called a maid off, and EXACTLY which maid.

Um, yes. Because I'm psychic.



Jessie said...

Fortune cookie say this job stifling your creativity and will to live.

Dave2 said...

If somebody literally called me "stupid" I would come unglued. But if somebody were to call me "stupid" for something like this, where it's actually THEY who are the dumbasses... I don't even know what would happen. Nothing good, I know that.

Kentucky Girl said...

Uhm, that is dumb that he would do that. I don't know how you do it. I don't do stupid anymore.

annie said... forgot the funny Chinese accent.

Anonymous said...

CD Said-so, what's the scoop? did you quit yet?