Friday, September 21, 2007


My blog buddy, Jessie posted an interview a fellow blogger had given her, and then asked if anyone wanted her to think of some questions for them.

Sure, why not? At least it will give me something to post.

So, here are her questions:

1. When did you realize that (your parent's religion) was a cult, and how exactly did you break away from it? (changed the question up a bit, because I don't need search engine warfare from people that are still in the religion.)

Um, actually...I don't think I ever believed in it. I went along with it all, because it's what everyone expected of me, and I didn't want to disappoint people. But, my heart was never in it. I let my family and my friend's feelings and ideas dictate what I did until I couldn't take it anymore, and I had to get out.

I had a boyfriend that wasn't in the church, and I moved out with him when I was 19. It was a horrible relationship, and a total mistake, but the one good thing that came out of it was that it got me AWAY...and I could finally figure out what I wanted away from everyone's influence falling so heavily on me, and the guilt they threw on me...causing me to make the choices they wanted.

I lost everyone that was important to me with that decision...all my family was in the religion, and 99% of my friends, as well. They were all instructed to never speak to never act like I existed if they saw me on the street. It was hell for a couple of years...I moved away shortly after, so I wouldn't have to deal with it. But, eventually, I just accepted it. I mean, there's still a part of me that misses my they used to treat me...because it's COMPLETELY different now. They talk to me again (although they're not supposed to) but only because of my kids. They talk to me as if I'm just an acquaintance. I'm never invited over, I'm never talked to socially by the people who created my brothers, who I loved completely, and by my nieces and nephews, who I basically helped raise.

It's a sore subject, sometimes.

But, it's been over a decade since I've left, and the funny thing is, my closest friends...the ones I missed the most...they have all now left the religion, and we are all back to being friends like nothing happened. I understand why they disowned me for that period of time...I can't blame them for the decisions they made...because unless you're in that can't understand the IMMENSE pressure that is on you to be perfect, and do what everyone expects of you, for fear of losing everything. But, now they're back in my life, away from all that pressure.

And I'm really glad.

2. All time favorite band: name it

This is hard, because I love SO much music. But, my favorite band is probably Depeche Mode. I can remember listening to them when I was in 1st grade...taping (yes, taping) their songs off the radio, so I could listen to them later.

I've been to countless of their concerts, and even though I don't listen to them ALL that often, I'm still a huge fan. Still one of the faithful.

3. Were you as much into writing before you started blogging, or did the inspiration come when people began to read and like you here on the interwebs?

I've always written, for as long as I can remember. But, it's partially genetic, because both my parents are writers. My dad is more of an artist, and I got that from him, too...but, he's always written stories...humorous little things for me when I was a kid, or sarcastic stuff for grown ups. My mom is the novel writer...and has written over a dozen, at least. (She refuses to publish, though.)

The blog thing is just because it is kind of like a journal, and I had always kept one of those. My writing is my writing, and an entirely different thing, altogether. I don't write like I do on my blog...but, you should know that, Jessie. :)

4. Secret talent? Special powers?

Um, I kick ass at general knowledge trivia? Seriously, people refuse to play Trivial Pursuit or like Jeopardy type games with me. I guess I have the crazy ability to store useless information in my brain. Not really useful, except when you want to sound smart. :)

Powers? No. I can think of a few I want, though.

5. Did you plan on the mommy thing from an earlier age or did it just sort of happen?

Just sort of happened, definitely.

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Jessie said...

Oh my god, there is a lounge style cover of "just cant get enough" by Nouvelle Vague. Youve got to look it up on Youtube, youll love it.

Great answers. Hoped you would like them ;)