Monday, September 17, 2007


I've become addicted to the soundtrack to "300".

I seriously can't get enough of it.

Maybe it's the mood I've been in...

At any rate, I think I've finally started writing again. I got in a state of mind where everything creative was getting zapped out of me before I could do anything about it. Which was slightly scary, because writing has ALWAYS been the one sure fire way I had to make myself sane, and for some reason I lost it for a while there.

I hope it's back.

I think I need a new job.

Or, better yet...I need to become independently wealthy.

I like option #2 better.


Kentucky Girl said...

Is it bad that I haven't even seen the movie yet?

adena said...


It's REALLY really ENORMOUSLY if you aren't into that, than don't see it. Me, it doesn't bug me.

But, I think the thing is beautiful...the way it's filmed, the colors...everything. It's an awesome movie.