Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ah, Local TV Newscasters!

First off, they congratulate some producer on their birthday, by saying "They're the Oldest Beaver in the Studio!"


Then, I realize they're talking about being an Oregon State (Beavers) alumni, but Good God...Do they not realize what comes out of their mouths, sometimes??

Then, they have a "hard-hitting" story about how Oregon and Washington aren't happy about the press they're getting from some Tee-Shirts that are being sold at some local stores. I'm thinking they must be pretty bad to get newsplay. Riiiight. These are the slogans they're all upset about:

Oregon: Come for the Fishing...Stay for the Strippers


Washington: WAY less Murders Than Washington D.C.!

Meanwhile, I'm wondering when I can go get me a couple!

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