Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I'm So Ashamed...

My cat has a dirty, little secret.

He is a Plushy.

He enjoys stuffed animals.

I try to dissuade him from this bad habit, but he persists.

So, the latest object of his "affection" are these cute little fuzzy sheep that go on Jack's play yard/cradle. (Since he sleeps w/ us every night anyhow, I have no need to buy a fancy crib right now, so I just set up his portable play yard in his room, as it has a bassinet insert.)
Anyhow, Einstein (the Cat) noticed the 3 sheep hanging on the cradle and went ape-shit. It is now his life's ambition to obtain these sheep...

He would sneak in whenever we left the door open, and next thing i knew, there were 3 sheep laying soggily in various areas of the house. After a week or so, of this, I just took the sheep off, and put them in the built-in cupboard in Jack's room. He's not sleeping in the bassinet, so he doesn't need the sheep hanging there, right now. I thought the problem was solved.
Then, last night, I noticed a sheep laying in the play yard. It was a bit soggy. I asked martin why there was a sheep out. He said that the cat had it. So, the cat SENSED that the sheep were in the cupboard, and somehow got INTO the cupboard, which is a miracle in itself, because it's attached to the wall, up HIGH, and the doors were shut. So, how he Houdini'd that, i'm not sure, but he managed to get a sheep.

I don't get it. What's the fascination w/ the damn sheep?? For a while there, all you heard in my house was "LEAVE THE SHEEP ALONE!!" Our neighbors probably think we're insane.

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