Thursday, September 15, 2005


So, I pull up into my driveway, and get out of the car. There is a small mexican man walking down the sidewalk, stopping every 2.5 seconds and just staring at various things in the neighborhood. After a while of this, i start to get a bit unnerved....he's now stopped directly in front of me and is doing that staring thing.

Then, he walks on past...and I get the baby out of the car. I turn around to check on "mr. starey's" progress, and he's now stopped in the MIDDLE of the street, staring back at me. Then he comes back, walks into my yard and starts talking non-stop to SPANISH.

Now, I'm the whitest girl on the planet. Seriously, i'm see-through. Red hair, freckles, & I was blasting "Coldplay" in my car when i drove up....See? White girl.

So, what possessed him to start spouting off to me in Spanish, i dunno. So, after a few seconds, he stopped and looked at me expectingly. I assume he asked me a question. So, i just stared at him, baffled, and said...i ENGLISH, mind you, "uh, I don't know?"
So, he said ok, and wandered off...then he turns back, AGAIN, and spouts off what I assume was another question in spanish. This time I was all "uh, i don't speak spanish?" and the light finally dawned in his eyes. "ohhhh....she's a WHITE girl"


So, I'm relating this story to martin, wondering why some little mexican man would just assume that ms. whitey-white girl would know Spanish, and he laughs and says "Adena, you've got to be the first redhead in 20 years, in this town, that has NOT gotten together w/ a Mexican".

Cracking up. He's totally right.

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