Friday, September 16, 2005

Funny, Funny Chillun

Martin has been carpooling to work, so I don't have to drive him. It's been a big relief.
Yesterday, he was at the guy's house that he carpools with, and on my way back into town, i went to pick him up there. He walks out of the house, and he's gotten a haircut at some point in the day. It's like military cut. Barely any hair. Joy.

So, Arianna pipes up in the back "Dad's BALD!!"

She'd undone her seatbelt, so Martin was getting her hooked back in, and this is their conversation:

A- "What did you do to your hair??"
M- "I got it cut"
A- "Who cut it??"
M- "Perfect Look"
A- *pause* "It's really not..."

Martin had already closed the car door, and was halfway around the car before he realized what she'd said. By then, i was already cracking up.

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