Sunday, September 25, 2005

Out of the Mouth of Arianna..

I told Martin's cousin who was visiting from Philly, that he was going to wind up in my blog. The reason being this:

We were all at a family function (martin's uncle, matt "the cousin's," grandpa died, so we were at a get-together).

Anyhow, Matt has this skin tag/mole thing on his finger. It's not really a true mole, because it's not brown. It just this white bump of skin.

Anyhow, arianna was shaking his hand, or something, and she half saw it. So, she was all "what's that", and matt got embarrased, or something, and pulled his hand away, saying "nothing, nevermind".

But, she kept persisting..."lemme LEMME SEE!!"

So, finally, he gave in, and showed her, and she was all matter-of-fact, and said "'s a nipple" and then went about her business.

Meanwhile, the table erupted into merryment.

Poor Matt. :)

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