Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Big Two!

Happy Birthday Jack!

You're 2 now!

Here are some observations about this time in your life:

Your favorite thing to do is talk. You have to name everything, and everyone. You have to point out everything you see to anyone who might be around you, and tell us what it is. If we don't respond right away, you tell us again. Loudly. Until we acknowledge that yes...it IS a wall! (etc.)

You have, for some reason, while having your diaper changed, decided to alternate between saying "Don't touch the penis." and "Don't hurt me!". While I found this hysterical the FIRST few times, if you keep repeating this, I'll never again be able to take you out in mixed company. (And, don't worry internets! He's fine! I have NO idea where he got this. I'm thinking it's maybe because he hates cold diaper wipes?)

You are the most good natured kid I've ever seen. You're always in a good mood. The brief periods of time that you're in pissy moods, it's remarkably easy to get you out of them.

You are quite obviously left handed. I hope this means you're going to be artistic.

You love to eat. I repeat. You LOVE to eat.

You are obsessed with Lawn Mowers. And Weed Eaters. If you hear them outside, you must tell us immediately.

Seeing the Goodyear Blimp above our house nearly sent you into a fit of glee.

You like to do things like this:

You have the bluest eyes and longest lashes I have seen on a kid. I shudder to think of the girls I'm going to have to beat off of you when you get older.

You can sit in a corner quietly and look at a book for ages. This makes me very happy.

You tell me when you want to go to sleep. And then you don't throw a fuss about being shut in a dark room, and you just fall asleep.

You're fascinated with all things Golf. This makes DADDY very happy.

You are very opinionated. I don't know how many times I've been told "No. Put it back."

You want to learn to skateboard. Please let me buy you a helmet first?

You want tattoos. You are fascinated with tattoos. You draw on your body with a ball-point pen and then proudly show us, and say "Tattoo!"

You love being held.

You love playing with water, but you are terrified of sitting in a kiddie pool, or of taking a shower.

You are the cutest 2 year old EVER!

Happy B-Day Jack!


Jessie said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

You simply must print this, and do one every year. I am.

Chase said...

Gorgeous kiddie you have there! Happy birthday little man! :)