Friday, August 10, 2007


I'm sorry I've been neglecting you Internets!

I have been crazy busy trying to finish the book, and working for the insane Chinese folk.
(the wife told me to check for Poo-poo on the mattresses when people check out. Um aside from the ick factor....she actually SAID it like that. "You check for poo poo! Some people...they poo poo! The maids, they come to me and say this guest poo poo! So, you check for poo poo!!" Yeah. YOU try to get through THAT diatribe w/o laughing.)

At any rate, I have not forsaken you. I'm just trying to be creative in other avenues, right now. And after spending hours trying to think of things to write for a novel, it's hard to get motivated to come write in a blog.



Jessie said...

They say that you cant do two at once. Its true, because when I work on my book, its all I talk about.

-s said...

*gasp* You're still alive!
*Double-Gasp* You're on Blogspot!
*triple Gasp* You remembered me!

I feel so special now!!

How the hell are ya?
What have you been up to?


Natalie said...

Adena! Totally... long time no see. I'm good, S is good, the boys are good, the dogs are good... the ghetto van is no more. lol
Nice to see you. Thanks for dropping by. I must catch up. You appear to have a new job and what's the dealio about finishing a book?
Okay... never mind. I'll just read and comment again when time isn't zooming by and we are at a standstill. :)
I know you know how THAT is.
Good to see you!

annie said...

The Chinese Poo-poo stories are funny!